Willow Hayward

Software Developer

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Merchant Warrior

Full Stack Developer

A team environment with a variety of tasks including front end design, database optimisation, and developing RESTful interfaces.

Blue Beard Entertainment

Contract Developer

Periodic developer of in-house application and utility development.

Junior Engineers

Head Teacher

Responsible for teaching basic programming to groups of up to 20 children

University of Queensland Union

Newspaper Editor

As an editor for UQU's Semper Floreat newspaper, I was tasked with website maintainence as well as writing a weekly column

Code Camp

Head Teacher

Worked in a team environment to teach basic programming skills to groups of up to 30 children


Deadname Remover

A browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that prevents the dead names of transgender individuals from displaying online. With over 1000 users across both platforms, the Deadname Remover has over a dozen 5 star ratings and no lower ratings.

Download for Google Chrome
Download for Mozilla Firefox
View on Github

French Toast

A networked browser based game created for Blue Beard Entertainment to help with playtesting and to promote the Kickstarter for a physical version.

French Toast website
View on Kickstarter

The Social Dial

An interactive design project to interface with modern social media through analog technology, The Social Dial has two main components. The Social Dial, a 1985 dial phone that allows the user to access Facebook, and the Twitter Tapper, a USSR telegraph key that would post output directly to Twitter. Exhibited at the State Library of Queensland in May 2018 and the UQ Innovation Showcase in October 2018.

View Twitter Tapper Feed


A room based message server built on NodeJS and WebSockets and designed with social games in mind, with a browser library.

View LipwigCore (server component) on Github
View LipwigJS (browser library) on Github
View on NPM


An action platformer built in a 60 person development team, with procedurally generated terrain and extensive unit test coverage.

View on Github


Originally a fork of Coaster, Turrets is a 2D tower defence platform game built in LibGDX.

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University of Queensland

July 2014 - May 2020

Bachelor of Software Design